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1. Pre-Christmas lunch with our little London family. I’d had my heart set on a Burmese restaurant called Mandalay due it having really good reviews, a huge menu and being well-priced. We ventured all the way out to Edgware Road at 1pm on Sunday on the Circle Line, only to find that it was closed (entirely my fault - should have called and booked ahead!). So, we ended up at a place called Bar Marrakesh, which was about the only eatery on the whole street that was open. Si and I both had the Moroccan spiced lamb pieces whilst the others had various tagines. The food was okay and the service was reasonably good - although there was no excuse for it not to be considering they had just a handful of customers in there at the time. One niggle was that I asked for a small side of hummus to go with my meal and at the end they charged me for the £4 starter option of breads and dips. I won’t rush to go back there but for an unplanned, unresearched bar meal it admittedly could have been a lot worse.

2. The highlight of the day was catching up with Simon’s cousin Jase, who we’d lived with when we first arrived in the UK. And that’s without the fact that he’d bought us big hampers of Kiwi food as Christmas gifts! Burger Rings, Minties, Pineapple Lumps and Watties Tomato Sauce… ahhh, the taste of home! :)

By the time we arrived back in Croydon it was almost dinner time and we were still full up from lunch so we opted for a quick dinner of leftover chickpea patties and salad in tortilla wraps. So instead of a recipe, I’ll leave you with a positive thought to finish the week: If you only focus on the negatives in life you’ll miss the opportunities that are right in front of you.

So very true! Be happy :) xx

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There’s No Place Like Home

Dorothy said it best, and as much as I’m loving my time in the UK, I can’t help but have bouts of homesickness. Family, friends, kiwi summer and NZ food just about sums up my yearnings. Luckily, the motherland has been infiltrated by kiwis for many generations and some of them had the brilliant idea for Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

In 2001, three kiwis came up with the concept for GBK and the first restaurant was born in Battersea. These days you can find the burger chain scattered throughout London and beyond, but don’t be fooled - it’s no ordinary burger chain, it’s far from a McDonald’s or Burger King. Only the freshest and highest quality ingredients are used to create these restaurant quality burgers.

They’ve stayed true to their NZ heritage with the menu featuring items such as the Kiwiburger and L&P (and if that’s not enough, you can grab a bag of Pineapple Lumps or Jet Planes and a bar of Whittaker’s on your way out). I couldn’t shy away from the Kiwiburger and was entirely won over when I read that 25p of my purchase would go to the Whakatane Trust to help Save The Kiwi.

A burger, fries and a drink will set you back at least £12, but you won’t walk away disappointed, and you definitely won’t walk away hungry - the serving sizes are more than most people could eat. Also, it’s always worth checking out websites such as before you head out, as GBK always has deals on offer.

So if you’re craving a little taste of home, want to sit and reminisce amongst other NZers and support three fellow kiwis in their London business venture then GBK is the place to be.

The Kiwiburger: 

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