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Brickbats and Bouquets for 2011


Because everyone loves tea

(If you don’t love tea I stand corrected)

And because life is far too short to drink bad tea

I’ve gotta hand it to Tea Pigs for their award-winning range of whole leaf teas. I’m a little bit obsessed with them, and I think I could single-handedly have kept them in business for the past few months (They featured A LOT in the Christmas presents I gave this year). Their tea temples are biodegradable, their packaging is recyclable, they run an ethical scheme for the Noel Orphanage in Rwanda and their tea is damn tasty. What’s not to love?

I was first drawn to the quirkiness of their name and packaging and it all went uphill from there. I especially love their “mood-o-meter”, a guide to choosing tea based on your mood and their “mix ‘n’ match" box, which gives you 12 tea samples of your choice for a mere £12.50. Thanks to the sample box, I’ve pretty much tried every flavour they have, so if you want any advice please ask. My two favourites (not an easy choice) are the Creme Brulee and Liquorice and Mint.


Brickbats are always hard…

Oh hell, who am I kidding? I love naming and shaming bad brands!

Blue Dragon is an international brand that is stocked by many of the major supermarkets here in the UK. They claim to be “passionate” about Asian cooking and sell “healthy” and “authentic” Oriental products. I’m just not sure what’s so authentic about their coconut milk which contains more added water than actual coconut…

With food additives in almost every product (including E471 which… NB: may contain animal fats - and is in this such product which Blue Dragon has stated is “suitable for vegetarians”), and with millions of food miles racked up on every item, it’s needless to say you’re much better off making your own curry and stir-fry sauces with fresh, local ingredients.

Add to this a small personal grievance with the brand after one of their “chefs” accused me of “pushing in line” to taste test a product at the MasterChef Live event in November (hello! I’m short - you can’t SEE me waiting in line! And I’m far too tactful to push!), it’s fair to say I’m a little ticked off at Blue Dragon. No one, let alone a potential customer, deserves to be treated badly, regardless of whether they pushed in on some line or not.

So, top tips for 2012:

Try Tea Pigs. You’ll be hooked.

Don’t bother with Blue Dragon. Who’s a fan of mass production anyway?

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