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Food Photography Workshop, Tom’s Kitchen

I seem to have some kind of photography dyslexia (…photogslexia?) which is quite an embarrassment considering I grew up in the same household as my talented stepfather Tony Carter

Somehow, I’ve managed to get away with it for the most of my life, but as you all know I’m now a food blogger and bad photos are sacrilegious in the food blogging world. So I decided that one of my resolutions for 2012 would be: Learn to take better photos for my blog. I desperately needed help with this, and if it wasn’t for the fact that there is currentl11682 miles between us, I would’ve leaned on my stepfather for advice.

So, it was perhaps without coincidence that I stumbled across the Great British Chefs Food Photography Workshop event at Tom’s Kitchen in Chelsea, only a few weeks into January.

The name of chef Tom Aikens rang a bell, but due to being new to London and all, it is regrettable that I’d never heard of his prestigious restaurant Tom’s Kitchen. As the saying goes, better late than never, and I’m glad the discovery finally came about. If you’ve also been kept in the dark until now then I’m pleased to be the one to bring this restaurant to your attention.

As part of the event we were treated to an array of delicious nibbles and menu samples, including salads, profiteroles and mini burgers. Sometime in the near future I’ll go back as a paying customer for a proper sit down meal, which will be followed with a full blog review for your reading pleasure. But in the meantime, take my word for it and go for a visit as soon as you can.

The event started with a quick visit from Tom Aikens, decked out in full chef uniform and clearly mid-shift, and from there we were taken under the wings of Great British Chefs CEO Ollie Lloyd and of course food photographer David Griffen. Their advice was intelligent but unpretentious and all three of them were ultra cool people to hang out with.

If I’m truly honest, I was going along for the food and the opportunity to meet Tom, as much as I was going along for the photography workshop. I was unsure exactly how much I would learn in that respect, in the sense that you can’t teach a fish to climb a tree, or however that saying goes. But David is smart, and obviously persistent, and in the evidence of before and after shots, here’s the magic he worked on me:

It was an absolute privilege to take part in the workshop and I look forward to becoming more involved in the GBC community and attending more of their events in the future. If you’re interested too, you can check out their website or Facebook page.

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